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  1. Chelle

    LOL you guys it’s simple. What you do is part both sides of the head. Tie the middle part in a ponytail. If yur hair is too short…then just tie little sections into ponytails. Have someone else braid the two sides just like the picture. THEN with the middle part you make big braids. Not cornrows, but loose braids that will hang about. Do all this with yur hair wet so when it’s dry the curls will be defined. Then you undo the big braids(Not the cornrows of course) when your hair’s dry.

  2. candice

    need a response ASAP PLEASE………the light skinned girl with the gold hoops how did she get her hair curlu like that did she braid her hair then sowe the curly weave on on did she use clealy plat in weave to braid her hair up and the ends became curly…………also if i wanted to do my hair like hers what type of hair do i use
    1. curly weave andcut it off the track and corbrow my hair with it or………….
    2. culy plait in hair and cornrow my hair with it

  3. candis L

    Seee the girl wit the gold hoops hair is cute. But there 3 three things wrong with it that I don’t like. 1: her parts are not clean… 2: her hair is not braided at the beginning of where her hair starts. 3: braids r too big… overall its a cute style… @ candice. Her hair was braided up… wit a curly weave sewed n the middle….

  4. Madisyn G

    for the braided-up-mohawk, what kind of hair did she use to do it. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow and I’m getting it sewing in the middle. answer asap pls

  5. Lilraerae

    I think it’s really cool, I’m in high school and I want to start doing hairstyles with my natural hair, my friends say I look good when I twist my hair I wan do more like this one


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