kinky curly hair weave

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  1. loveHair!!

    The curly kinki afro hair is in the UK. Is there a US version of the hair? I love it soooo much!

  2. cl'adia walters

    how can I purchase this hair and what is the name of it or brand and the cost. I clicked on the link but I got an error message

  3. MissIndecisive

    Has anyone ordered or tried this hair? There is SOO MUCH info out here that I’m going crazy…I want my “spring break” weave, but I’m not sure what hair to buy…HELPPP!

  4. Moni

    Has anyone ordered this hair yet? Im a little confused on how to order it being that its in the UK. Also is this hair sold in the US?

  5. Layla

    Hey yall.. I have bought some hair just like this from I am natural and i have like 4a/4b hair and i freakin love their weave. it blends soooooooooo perfect. and it ranges all the way to 28″!!!!!!!! so u can buy it their. Just though id share

  6. Melissa

    Wow, this is the deal that I got from Amazon for my hair weave: – way cheaper than I buy locally with free shipping on top of that. So excited, I just had to share this link with someone.


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