Raven Symone Hairstyles

Raven Symone Hairstyles

Raven Symone Hairstyle

There are not too many hairstyles that does not look good on Raven Symone. She has had that cute lovable smile since her days on The Cosby Show and from pigtails to long layers of hair, Raven has the face that can wear it all.

While the talented actress risen to great success on the hit Disney show That’s So Raven, she wore her signature micro braids and big layered weave ponytails. Since then she has had various cuts, colors, and lengths. Recently she has rocked her natural hair in cute curly afro and twist out styles.

Raven Symone Natural Hairstyles

Raven Symone Natural Hairstyle

Raven Symone is part of Thirsty Roots black celebrity hairstyles gallery.

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