Hi, and welcome to Thirsty Roots!

I’m, Sharina, and this website is the home of millions of readers a year who want to learn more about healthy hair and body.

Me and my hubby

I write, design things, share pictures of hot hairstyles, and hair care information. My husband, Calvin, is in charge of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He handles marketing and tech support too.

So… How did I start?

I attended AIU (American Intercontinental University), in Atlanta. This is where I got my education before landing a job as a graphic designer.

This was great! I was doing something I loved.

Unfortunately, the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 damaged the economy. After working hard on the job for years, in 2009 at the age of 28 I was laid off.


This was a scary time for my husband and I.

Our income was cut in half, and on top of that, I was 8 months pregnant with our baby girl.

The Transition Phase

April 2009, our daughter Anirah was born. I was extremely happy, yet a personal issue was at hand.

Our daughter Anirah


Postpartum edges and heat damage from 2-years of monthly pressing. OUCH! I didn’t know any better in 2009.

Yes ladies, I was a victim of postpartum hair loss. I spent weeks in 2009 researching blogs and forums for a solution.

Our savings was depleting. We were going to face some hard times.

So, based on the information I acquired about hair care, my husband suggested starting a blog.  This would help supplement his income.

February 2010, ThirstyRoots.com was born.

The Laptop Lifestyle

Six Figures from my Laptop

Six Figures from my Laptop

I now spend my days living the Six Figure “Laptop Lifestyle”.

Thirsty Roots® has afforded me the luxury of spending precious time with family. Calvin and I are able to travel for weeks due to our flexible schedule, with no financial stress.

Our son Calvin

Our son Calvin

Vacations to Disney World and family cruises are frequent. Our kids, Lil’ Calvin and Anirah, love it!

The blog now reaches over 2.9 million people a year. We have over 33,000 people in our online community. There is 338,000+ Facebook Fans, who love their thirsty roots as well.

It’s been an awesome experience.

Millions of men, women, and, children are learning how to take care of their Afro-textured hair. To know that I’m helping is fulfilling.

I’m blessed.

More about me

"I love my thirsty roots"

“I love my thirsty roots”

Some of my favorite things in life are…

  • my natural hair
  • chocolate
  • great tasting food
  •  family time
  • designing
  • creating art
  • and a mean game of Monopoly.

Blogging has truly changed my life. I have a successful company and my thirst for knowledge continues to grow.

What can starting a blog do for you?

Thanks for visiting.

“I love my thirsty roots”.

“A goal without a timeline is a dream. Start living your dreams. Set a goal. Design a plan. Take a step.”

    – Sharina Hill


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