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Terms & Conditions

1.    This online service (‘the
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6.    These terms and conditions
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7.    See Below terms
and conditions related to use of the image gallery.

Forums, Comments and Other Community Features

1.    Thirsty Roots includes a number
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2.    You may not post or private
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◦    Copyright material, unless the
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◦    Any material that is knowingly
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◦    Advertisements, chain letters,
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◦    Mass mailing, spamming, or the
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3.    User-generated content
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4.    ThirstyRoots.com and TR do not
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5.    ThirstyRoots.com and TR are not
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6.    Individuals remain solely
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7.    ThirstyRoots.com and TR reserve
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8.    You may place a link to your
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9.    ThirstyRoots.com and TR reserve
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10.    Notice to media: If you wish
to reuse content posted within the site, you may do so only provided
that you a) identify yourself as media, b) secure written permission of
the content originator to use their content, and c) you acknowledge
ThirstyRoots.com as the source of the content within your published

Reporting Abuse and Offense

If you feel that any content posted on the site is objectionable, please contact us immediately
by email. We will make every effort to remove such content within a
reasonable time frame if we determine that removal is necessary.

Please note that as this is a manual process, we may not be able to
take action immediately.

Privacy Policy

Contact Details

We will use contact details provided by you as part of any registration
process (i.e. your name, job title, telephone and fax number and your
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We will not use or disclose your e-mail address for marketing purposes
unless you have agreed that we may use or disclose it in this way. You
may at any time opt-out of receiving further e-mails by emailing this
address. ThirstyRoots[@]gmail.com

Statistical Information

Aggregate statistical information provided by us to our advertisers or
others regarding sales or website usage will not include personally
identifying information.

Access to Data

Under the Data Protection Act 1988. You have the right to be told what
personal information we hold about you on our databases. You should
write to us, attn Company Secretary at the following email address:
ThirstyRoots[@]gmail.com stating your full name, your address and any
of our publications or services to which you know you subscribe. A
small administrative charge may be made for fulfilling this request.

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Images and Image Gallery – terms of use

•    The images in the Image Gallery
are protected by copyright. You may enter and use the Image Gallery on
the following terms, which protect the rights of Thirsty Roots and the
owners of the images. You will need to accept these terms the first
time you can enter.

•    The images are provided by
Thirsty Roots for your inspiration and reference and we may not own all images displayed. They can be used
for educational and training purposes.

•    You may not download and print
copies for your personal and professional use.

•    You may not reproduce any image
on your own marketing or promotional material, re-publish any image in
any form or for any purpose or authorize anyone else to do so.

•    You may not remove or obscure
any copyright or other acknowledgment that appears on the image.

If you wish to make any use of any image other than as authorized by
these terms please contact Thirsty Roots to ask for permission.