Tika Sumpter’s Hairstyles


The beautiful actress/model Tika Sumpter mostly gravitate towards sleek straight hairstyles. She has worn high buns, short bobs, and long hair extensions. Even though she rocks the hair weave most of the time in the public eyes, she has healthy long kinky-curly natural hair underneath all those sleek styles.

tika-sumpter-long-curly-hairstyle tika-sumpter-long-hairstyle tika-sumpter-long-sleek-hairstyle tika-sumpter-short cut-hairstyle tika-sumpter-short-wave-hairstyle

Tika Sumpter’s natural hair length and caption from instagram:

Some people just have growing hands..thank you @sosheargenius #allme #noperm #weavesarejustanoption


Photos Source: via Instagram – tikasumpter

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