Black Women Blonde Hair

It’s different and sounds like an oxymoron but black women blonde hair conversations are pretty regular in the haircare industry right now especially in Atlanta. These are pictures of platinum blonde hair which looks good if done right and in this case a low faded haircut is the right choice. Salons with stylist that have the skills to pull this off are not very common.

2 Responses

  1. sam

    It would be nice if this website had hair color options according to skin color. Exp. The right blonde for a chocalate person…
    It would also be nice if we knew how to maintain a straight hair look while wearing blonde hair or how to sucessfully have straight and colored hair.

  2. Brittany Barksdale

    I need help with dandruff, I have it really bad. no matter how often I wash & moisturize my hair & scalp I still seem to keep excess amount of dandruff. Is there anything that I can do for this itchy PROBLEM?


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