Prom Hairstyles Black Girls


Prom hairstyles black girls should be elegant yet practical as there will be a lot of dancing, laughing and high energy partying. You don’t want your daughter to look a hot mess when she arrives home that night. She doesn’t want those kind of questions coming at her…LOL. Bobs and updos work well but see if you can find something else that suits your taste.

To avoid her not having ANY fun with friends keep the style simple but nice. Save the super high maintenance hairstyle for graduation day!

IMG_8477 IMG_8686 IMG_1402 IMG_1572 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-5 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-6 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-7 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-8 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-9 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-10 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-11 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-12 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-13 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-14 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-15 Prom-Hairstyles-Black-Girls-16

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