Viola Davis natural hair

Viola Davis natural hair twa

Viola Davis natural hair twa (teeny weeny afro)

The recent Oscar nominated actress for the film “The Help”, Viola Davis, revealed her natural hair in a twa (teeny weeny afro) haircut. Viola normally wears wigs and weave hairstyles, I am sure due to the high hair manipulation she has to go through as an actress.

In the current issue of the L.A. Times Magazine, she graces the pages in elegant black designer dresses and what looks like, in the natural hair world, a “Big Chop” hairstyle. I love this look on her!

Viola Davis big chop hairstyle

Viola Davis short natural hairstyle

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  1. keisha

    Mrs. davis looks great with wigs and weaves, but the short natural takes her to an unparalleled level of beauty! I saw her do in an interview with Oprah with her natural hair and she INSTANTLY became my new style icon! love her!


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