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2011 Grammy Awards Hairstyles

A gallery re-cap of celebrity Grammy hairstyles for the 53rd Annual 2011 Grammy Awards. If you want to know what celebrity hairstyles trends are on the rise and here for this year, check out this line up of hair extravagance.

Rihanna is still rocking the red hair, and other celebrities such as Ciara and Jennifer Hudson reach for the waist-length long, loose tresses. And notice how you do not see many bangs for this formal red carpet event, but you do not miss the use of hair extensions. The ladies are going sexy this year with exaggerated lengths and free form big curly natural hair, such as Jada Pinkett Smith fluffed natural curls.

Check out the hairstyles here: 2011 Grammy Awards Hairstyles

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  • terrible. how the hell are these hairstyle cool? they just plain BORING. just cos you dyed your hair red,brown doesn’t make it fashionable. what about blue,green,orange,mixed, those seem more exciting. wow!straight hair is fashionable??? DEADDDD!!!!!!! this is likee looking at papers. bad job!!

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