I love my thirsty roots!

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If you love your thirsty roots, get on board to help spread the love…


  • If you relax your hair, you want to be Caucasian
  • Nappy hair is “bad hair”
  • Black women can not grow long hair
  • Natural hair is unattractive
  • Dreadlocks are dirty
  • You’re a Nubian Queen if you wear braids
  • Men who wear braids are thugs
  • If you wear weave or wigs you hate your hair
  • Natural hair is not professional
  • Natural hair is not manageable

“Let’s come together and change the perceptions and misconception society has about black hair.”

  • Let’s educate ourselves and our children on how to properly take care of and maintain healthy hair, whether relaxed or natural.
  • Let’s throw out the term “Good hair” so our kids will not grow up with underlining hatred and insecurities about their hair.
  • Let’s embrace the right to wear your hair relaxed, natural, braided, dreaded, with hair extensions, or wigs, etc.
  • This is not just about hair. It is about a more rooted issue that affects our job status, relationships, and self-worth.
  • Education is key! Let’s make a change in society views: Black hair is beautiful in any texture, whether relaxed or natural it’s still thirsty roots!