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Alexis Jordan Hush Hush Video

Thirsty Roots was granted all access along with GorillaShooter.com for the Alexis Jordan Hush Hush Video Shoot in Atlanta Georgia. The day was filled with excitement as the director Clifton Bell of “The GhettoNerd Company” displayed his professional touch for the scenes. Alexis Jordan red hairstyle was on point during the different shots and selected scene setups. The makeup artist and prop guys made sure that everything was up to par for the Roc Nation singer as well. Shot out to Lisa “Captain Cunningham” of Atlanta All Access for the heads up. Alexis’s Good Girl and Happiness songs were huge on Youtube and I’m sure that this Hush Hush video and mp3 will crush the television and Internet especially Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures to go with the footage shot above. Enjoy!

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