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Amel Larrieux the Singer

Every wondered about Amel Larrieux hair regimen and how she takes care of her beautiful long healthy hair? Well, recently an interview was done with Amel on CurlyNikki.com and she spilled the 411:

I still wash my hair every week unless I’m really busy. I have very curly corkscrew hair and although sometimes I’ll let it air dry naturally, I usually braid it. And every night I braid my hair because if I don’t, it’ll lock up! The curls are so curly that they lock together very quickly. My secret is moisturizing it before I braid it. And it’s really also about the products that I use.

To read more of this interview click the link: http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/11/amel-larrieuxs-natural-hair-journey.html

Also, Thirsty Roots caught up with the talented artist and her daughter Sky Larrieux performing in Atlanta, GA. Check out a snip of her performance (above video) and Amel loving her thirsty roots!

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