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Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots also known as Zulu Knots is a great way to get some lustrous curls or tame some of your kinky or naturally curly hair.

Many African American women rock this hairstyle but it is now spreading out to other races as well. the styling has a dual purpose which engages protection to a certain degree and also creates a dynamic look for any individual who chooses to rock them.

Some women even love the Bantu Knot Out style that can be created afterward from removing pins or elastics. All you have to do is simply un-tuck the ends of your hair in a reversed manner that you used to get it knotted up.

Here is a great article on what I’m saying.

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  • I’m from Barbados and I know it as the “corkscrew” didn’t know there was another name for them. Learn something new everyday.

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