Black Barber Hairstyles

There are many kinds of black barber hairstyles.  Professional barbers have access and experience with a wide range of techniques that allow them to create attractive, practical, and innovative hairstyles, even for men.  These hairstyles are quite refined and detailed.  Like most hairstyles there are a few basic places to start and from there you can add or change little things to switch it up.

For instance, the fade is a very common and simple style.  Basically, a barber will use electric shears to shave the hair from top to bottom in a way where it is thicker on top than it is on the bottom.  This results in what looks like your hair fading away towards the bottom of the head.  Of course, this is a basic style which you can use as a basis for many other styles.  You can get as imaginative as you want and if you have patience and time, you can work through more elaborate ideas.  Alternatives or additions to the fade include:  the temp fade, the bald fade, the lit fade, dark Caesar, lite Caesar, Brooklyn fade, and even the Mohawk.

As you are probably already aware, most African American men have very short curly hair.  This is a common characteristic to African hair.  It is also typically dryer than European hair.  For men of this descent who want to pursue traditionally straight hairstyles, this natural state can be a problem.

Unfortunately, black hair is very sensitive and can damage easily if not properly cared for. While you can certainly categorize all black hair in this way, every person is different and as such your hair is probably very different from another person’s.  This is one reason why it is important for both men and women who want a particular hairstyle to visit a salon or barber shop.  Only a professional and experienced barber will know how to properly handle the delicate nature of black hair.

A good professional, though, will also know how to take your ideas and interpret them into something that is manageable.  They will also know when something simply cannot be done.  Be sure that you have a barber that communicates with you very well so that you have an understanding about the job you want done.  It is your job to be clear and concise so that they can give you exactly the kind of hair style that you want.

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