Black Music Month: Black Ablum Covers

The history of Black Music Month spans from President Jimmy Carter who ordained the month of June to celebrate black music. Since that day of June 7, 1979, Presidents of the United States have joined President Carter to recognize and celebrate black music month in June. President Barack Obama, our first black president, announced every year of  his first term a new title for the celebration: African-American Music Appreciation Month.

Black Album Cover ArtBlack Album Cover ArtBlack Album Cover Art
Whitney Houston (Artist 1)Chaka Khan (Artist 2)The Isley Brothers Grand Slam (Artist 3)
Black Album Cover ArtBad Album cover, Michael Jacksonnew eidtion, cool it now. album cover
Michael Jackson (Artist 4)Michael Jackson (Artist 4)New Edition (Artist 5)
Shirley Murdock, Album Cover, As We Laystephanie mills, black album cover, pictureblack album covers
Shirley Murdock (Artist 6)Stephanie Mills (Artist 7)Pointer Sisters (Artist 8)
Black Album CoversBlack Music Month, album cover art
Love Unlimited (Artist 9)Chico Debarge (Artist 10)Levert (Artist 11)
black album coversBlack Music Month
Billy Ocean (Artist 12)EnVogue (Artist 13)Bell Biv Devoe (Artist 14)
Black Album Covers
Al Green (Artist 15)Sly and the Family Stone (Artist 16)Bobby Womack (Artist 17)
Shalamar Three for Love (Artist 18)Fat Boys (Artist 19)Johnny Gill (Artist 20)
Black Album Cover Art
Troop (Artist 21)

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