Black Male Hairstyles

While women seem to get most of the consideration, there are also many black male hairstyles that are stylish, trendy, and even sexy.  Just as women rely on their hair to communicate part of their personality and provide a sense of confidence, so do men.  Although it may seem that men’s hair is easier to style than women’s, men do have their own set of complications, especially men of African descent.

This is due to the fact that a black man will have to deal with the particular issues that come along with having African hair.  African hair is notoriously difficult to work with.  It is coarse and dry, kinky and porous, and therefore does not behave like the hair of Europeans.  This means that you cannot style it in the same way, using the same methods.  This does not mean, however, that you cannot style the hair at all.  You will have to take a few preliminary steps if you want to do it properly.

For all black hairstyles, it is important that your hair and scalp are properly washed, conditioned, and moisturized.  Basically, then, the first thing that you need to do is simply wash your hair, following it with a deep conditioning.  This will make sure that your hair is strong, which is necessary for some of the styles that you might pursue.  Included within this step is applying a moisturizer.  This is very important because black hair is very dry and thus it will break, fray, or split if put under too much stress or heat.

With your hair refreshed, you are ready to style.  There are many styles to choose from depending on your personal tastes.  You could take something choppy or layered.  You might consider accentuating the natural curl of your hair or you might want to try to straighten it.  You could braid it into cornrows or work your hair into dread locks.  You might even go to the extreme and follow a Mohawk-type look.

If none of these longer hair styles appeal to you, you might also consider something short and cropped.  Of course, you can always shave or buzz your head for a clean and neat look.  Within this category you could also look at different levels of fade.  Short hair is very easy to manage, as it does not require any upkeep on your end.  This makes them very practical, and the most sensible.

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