Cornrows Instructions

Cornrows instructions are pretty simple to follow. Although the best way to learn is by watching some one. If you have the opportunity to sit and watch some one and practice on a friend or so you will get the hang of it much easier. Now in the world were YouTube rules you can find video references to help you learn to do all sorts of different cornrow hair styles. If you are just learning though, start with the basics.

Doing cornrows is a repetitive process. To do them you will need to have a wide tooth comb as well as a rat tail comb for parting. You are going to want to have some sort of grease or oil for your scalp. This is mainly for when you are done. If you have to much grease on your hair is you are braiding quite naturally this will make it a bit difficult because of your fingers being slippery. You are also going to want to have available some rubber bands and some clips.

It is best to always start a new hair do off with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Give your hair a good conditioning treatment to help the growing process while you have the braids in your hair. You can braid the cornrows while your hair is damp or you can dry it first and then braid it. The choice really depends on which way is easier for you. You will have to be able to grasp the hair well.

To do your cornrows you are going to need to take the rat tailed comb and part your hair in the design you want your cornrows. As a beginner this should be vertical straight down. You make the part as wide and as thick as you want the braid to be. if it easier for you to learn with lots of hair then make a wider part. Now you take the clips and clip off the rest of your hair so that it doesn’t get mixed in with the portion you are getting ready to braid. Now take the section you just parted and separate that into three smaller parts and use those three smaller parts to make your braid.

Good cornrows instructions will show you step by step with either pictures or a video on how to do this. Braiding cornrows is just like you are weaving the hair to the scalp.