Hair Length for Cornrows

The hair length for cornrows are different from stylist to stylist. As long as you can part then grab your hair you have the option to get cornrows. Even something as simple as this is different for every person which makes every braid different and unique. The length that your hair needs to be for corn rows is different from what your cousin’s hair length need to be.

Knowing this you should take a closer look at the style of cornrows you desire and the length your hair need to be to get that style without damaging your hair. Speaking of damage before you begin thinking about how long you need to grow your hair in order to get cornrows you should stop and think about the health of your hair. While growing your hair you need to make sure you are taking the best care of it as well.

The secret ingredient to any flawless hairstyle is healthy natural hair. This is especially true when it comes to braiding styles like cornrows. Cornrows are made to be worn for two to four weeks and which if not done with already healthy hair can cause breakage. Also if you are just starting to grow your hair getting cornrows will take your stylist pulling on your hair tightly. That kind of stress on your hair overtime can really damage your hair and scalp. So make sure your hair is healthy enough for cornrows before you commit to them.

Some people have been known to add hair extension to their cornrows to give a more full look. Adding weave is a good idea if you are worried about your hair not being long enough for cornrows. Just ensure that the color of the braiding hair and the color of your natural hair are the same because if they are off it can really make your cornrows like bad.

When you are wondering if you have the right hair length for cornrows it is always good to consult with your stylist. Your personal stylist will be able to let you know if your hair is ready for cornrows both health and length. Remember the ability to braid small hair will vary from stylist to stylist so if you usually stylist or barber is unable to put your hair in cornrows, just look around our community or check the yellow pages for hair stylist who concentrate fully on the art of braiding hair.