Micro Braids

A lot of women favor micro braids above all others because of the classiness that particular braiding hairstyle carries with it. Not only do you have the ease and usability of a braided hairstyle. You also have long flowing beautiful hair that if human, you can curl, flat iron, even dye or perm to give your braids an entire new look half way through there wear ability.

Micros are a beautiful hairstyle but they can also be a little rough on your locks. A lot of people usually leave them in an average of three months. The longevity of your braids really all depends on who did your hair and how they did it. If they left them to loose the may start falling out immediately. Although the looser they are the better they are for your hair, because of the fact they are not pulling the locks so tightly. Like I said it depends on the skill set of the braider. He or she must no how to take care of your hair all while at the same time making it look good and giving you your moneys worth in longevity.

A lot of beauticians will fix the ones that have fallen out for you in the first few days. However, if the problem with your micros is the fact that they are to tight and you can’t even move your head let alone the actual braids. That means they are way to tight and not doing your natural hair any justice. You will see the sides of your hair completely come out from the root. The braid of course with it. The braid being the main culprit for pulling your hair out in the first place.

The best thing to do in fighting against the desire for beautiful micros without the effect of being completely bald on the sides, is plain and simple, don’t let them braid that area. Keep it clean moisturized and slicked down with some protein enriched gel. Other than that, there is no healthy way in my opinion to braid the sides of the head with such small and tight braids.

Micro braids are undoubtedly a very nice braiding hairstyle, but just be cautious of the strain placed on your natural hair. Make sure your hair is not used to tie the knot at the end of the braid. Wash and condition your micros on a regular basis. Make sure you continue to oil your scalp and keep some healthy oil sheen on your micros.