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Brandy Norwood Hairstyles

Normally with some added bangs, Brandy Norwood hairstyles fit her heart-shaped face. Hairstyles with bangs help play down Brandy’s wide forehead. When the famous R&B singer/songwriter and actress is not wearing hair extensions or wigs, she is known for her long single braids almost like micro braids in size. I am curious to see what styles she will be wearing in 2012 while staring in the hit BET tv show “The Game”.  Not sure what Brandy’s hair line looks like because she rarely shows her real hair in full. I hope she is taking care of her hair under the weave, braids, and wigs and allowing her hair to breath between styling.

Brandy Norwood is part of Thirsty Roots black celebrity hairstyles gallery.

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  • i would like to know if you would have a client who got bangs/fringe with individual braids if so,can you please publish a picture because may i think i am getting braids with added human hair and they said i can get bangs straightdown and i wanna know what it looks like so please if anyone can publish a picture or individual braids with bangs

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