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Brandy short haircut

R&B singer/actress Brandy Norwood has debuted a new look: a short and sassy haircut. In a photo shoot and interview for the April issue of YRB Magazine, Brandy teamed up with celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble to create what looks like a razor cut short hairstyle. She talks about the release of her sixth album, “Two Eleven”, and some upcoming projects:

Normally, Brandy aligns with a particular producer such as Timbaland or Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins to helm the bulk of an LP, and uses additional beatsmiths to color the gaps. But for Two Eleven, she’s piecing together a versatile offering of “gritty” R&B with pop and hip-hop overtones, working with a spread of musicians to expand her sound.

In July, Brandy will star alongside Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams and Lance Gross in the Tyler Perry film The Marriage Counselor, where she plays a woman named Melinda. Though she wouldn’t go into specifics about her character, she describes Melinda as “running from a past that’s so hard for her to face.” It’s a familiar circumstance for Brandy, who had spent the past few years coming to terms with future while growing from past hardships.

This style is a big change from Brandy’s long weave hairstyles and braids. Do like Brandy’s new short do?

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  • I like anything that involves natural hair. It’s nice to see her embracing a more realistic look.

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