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Chrisette Michele shaved head

There is a lot of talk about R&B singer Chrisette Michele shaved head. Before performing at Albany State University, Chrisette Michele revealed a snip of her newly shaved bald head. She says she wants to make black women feel fashionable with there natural hair texture. Here is a quote of her reason for cutting off her hair:

“I was tired of black sista’s feeling subject to having their hair pressed and straightened, and damaged, with relaxers, and heat. So I wanted to make short and nappy hair fashionable, and let the industry know that there is nothing wrong with the texture that we have been born with. So I plan to grow it out to the big beautiful nappy hair that I have.”

Well, I am happy she wants to be free with her hair and wants to express that hair choice with black woman. I like the fact that she seems to be making a stand towards the typical image that the music industry wants to glorify in women. Our young girls need to know that it is ok to wear their hair natural with kinks and all. It seems like shaved heads are becoming a trend with black female celebrities. I wonder how much of this will go around? What do you think about black women saying no to the relaxer?

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  • I’m glad to see Chrisette embrace her natural hair (again)! If I’m not mistaken she was natural b4 her big break, and forfeited her naturalness to probably compete w/ other female artists during that time. Ugh, sadly the music industry these days isn’t based on talent, but largely image!

  • Yes, but the artist can change it if they can get together some how and decide to no longer accept that concept. But I know it will not be easy even though the artist makes the industry, because there is always someone who will be willing to do what the labels want.

  • What the hell is your problem where did all the hair go
    now all your men wont have any thing to grab on to

  • I believe having something for our men to grab on to is what keeps black women from going natural or cutting their hair very short. I understand wanting to be attractive for and/or sexy to your man but he needs to think and believe you’re attractive and sexy no matter how long or short your hair is. I decided last year to go natural and I’m 8 months into using no straightening chemical on my hair. It ain’t easy and somedays I want to give in but then I see some beautiful sisters with these wonderful, beautiful, lovely natural styles. I am determined to stick it out and find the right style for my natural hair. Wish me luck ya’ll. And for my sisters out there who want to be natural, just go for it. It’s hair. It’ll grow back. Peace and hairgrease.

  • I shaved my hair and dyed it light brown about two months ago and I absolutely love it. All though I have worn my hair in many different styles, this by far is my favorite. To ask why would a woman cut their hair, and that their man has nothing to grab now, is so shallow. And if it was that important, then your man probably isnt doing something right anyway because my man and I have come up with severals ways to make up for what is now gone! 😉
    Think about that one. Anywho… wearing weaves, braids, afros, or wigs, black woman are soooo beautiful just because we can do it!!! No matter what the media portrays us to be.

  • I am an attractive African-American woman. About two years ago, I shaved my head. Before that, my go-to look was the West-African gelee. I LOVE MY SHAVED HEAD! My head is well-shaped and I have classic, almost perfectly symmetrical features. I wear make-up, eyelashes and African jewelry. Strangers stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful I am! Unfortunately, some Black men think that I must be a lesbian because I have a shaved head. Au contraire! We have been so thoroughly indoctrinated with Eurocentric beauty standards (due to slavery and its aftermath), that many of us feel a woman MUST have hair to be beautiful. I feel that I am FREE AT LAST from the politics of hair. I embrace my African beauty. If you don’t like the way I look, don’t look at me! Enough said.

  • Ok just went bald but my hair is so dry or my scalp not holding anything.. So it stays dry super dry….
    What to do

  • I shaved my head 2yrs ago showing off my regal crown. Beauty comes from within and illuminates outside for the world to see. You must take care of your scalp. I moisturize and massage my scalp daily with a little coconut and lavender oils. very soothing, giving the scalp a clean healthy glow to start a hectic day.
    Show the world you are a queen rocking her crown!

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