Faux Hawk Hairstyles Member Pics Mohawk Hairstyles

Curly Mohawk

Thirsty Roots Community Member Dani B has created some hot hairstyles like this curly mohawk or fauxhawk haircut. This style is a short funky cut that will add some edge to your look. You can check out more of this stylist’s work in the community.

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  • I have my hair styled like this. How do you maintain the sides when it starts to grow in without having to result to weave or shaving again. I really don’t want Afro puff sides

  • I love this hair style! I have a similar style and was starting to grow it out but have realized that I don’t want or need the extra hair. I’m getting ready to shave off the sides and back again.

  • @Aisha B: Yes, I would show the pic to your local stylist to help you achieve the look.

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