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Dawn Richard Haircut


In 2011 the R&B/Pop singer Dawn Richard reveal a new haircut along with an evolving style, in the April/May 2012 issue of Regard Magazine, she styles and profiles in a photo spread filled with sexy hairstyles and flirty fashions pieces that accentuates her curves. Also, Dawn introduces her latest solo EP “Armor On” that explores her world through a “Golden Heart Trilogy” inspired theme.

Best known for being apart of the R&B/Pop smashing groups Danity Kane and Diddy – Dirty Money, Dawn Richard is showcasing her vocal talent and writing skills and demonstrating “growth, strategy, and creativity” in this album of “chapters” as she explains:

Daphne Guinness said it best, “I went out in the world and realized that actually it wasn’t such a very friendly place to be.”  And I thought… We Need Armor… this is the inspiration behind the entire “Heart Trilogy.” The EP “Armor On,” is the story of why I needed Armor to begin with. My relationship with the industry. Each song is a chapter. I wanted the EP and the albums to be like a musical graphic novel. So the lyrics play a huge role in the music. The words create vivid pictures of battles with love, self, music, and the industry. I wanted the “hearts,” (that’s what I call my fans/supporters) to relate each song the way they wanted to. I wanted to create layers so each person could dissect the story in a different way. “Is this about God, a lover, the industry, her label, her love life, etc…” These are the questions I want to leave people asking.

Read the rest of the interview at: RegardMag.com


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