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erykah badu blonde hair

This is a snap of erykah badu blonde hair that she wore at a concert Lollapalooza 2010 at Grant Park in Chicago, IL. This weekend Erykah Badu step out with a unique look and added blonde color to her resume of hairstyles. Not sure if this is a wig or her natural hair, but its definitely a different style from what we are used to seeing her wear. What do you think about this blonde spiky Mohawk?

See pics HERE.

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  • Normally when we see Erykah in concert she is rocking afro wigs. I think this is her real hair though. So its funny she promotes a natural (kinky haired) image of herself more often than not. But when she shows her real hair its straightened and bleached blonde. Still love Ms Badu though!

  • Miss Badu looks a mess…an absolute mess.
    Somehow this once beautiful woman has become very confused, not to mention she lost my respect when she took off all of her clothes and did that ridiculous stunt for the whole world to see. I don’t see how that act helped the image of black folks at all!!!!!!

  • This is definitely her hair.She transcends normalcy. I think that she looks amazing. Everyone should be allowed the ability to express and change…… celebrities included!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!


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