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Felicia Leatherwood Loving Your Hair

With celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood, loving your hair means more than just a hairstyle. Even though her high profile client list consist of famous faces such as Jill Scott, Sanaa Lathan, Kim Coles, Will Smith, Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, etc., she is dedicated to empower women of color about their natural hair inside out.

In her words:

“I care because I realize that the state of our hair is a direct connection to how we feel about ourselves on the inside and my goal is to empower women everywhere.”

Felicia is not just a stylist, but an educator of healthy habits and healthy hair. Her Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshops are designed around the many questions that people ask her about hair care, products, styling, and so on. Below is a list of the techniques, information, and the experience you will encounter at her workshops:

– Knowledge of High End vs. Low End Products
– Hair care maintenance the natural way
– Demos of various natural hair styles and updo’s
– East Style Demonstrations
– Learn how to love your hair and not curse it!
– We are what we eat and that includes our hair…
– Understanding of what type of hair you are working with “What’s on your Head?”
– Q&A: What Should I Do With This Hair
– Kinky/Curly hair is a blessing!
– The importance of nurturing mind, body (including your hair!) and spirit.
– Guest Speakers – Owners of Host Salons speak about the importance of healthy hair & products
– Fabulous Swag Bag Giveaways & so much more!!!

You can find her conducting these workshops around the world in a mission to educate and empower women beyond hair.

I care because my passion is, what I call “Hair Empowerment”…I talk to people and empower them through their hair. We have to start speaking kind to our hair and not cursing it! Hair is only the outer layer of our inner beauty.
So when you feel good about yourself, it reflects every part of you, so your hair can’t help but to flourish…


I had the pleasure and opportunity to sit down with Felicia and what a beautiful person she is inside and out. I love the fact that she strives to encourage and uplift women through her talents and love of natural hair care and styling. We should all find peace with ourselves and truly love the person that God has created within. Hence, Felicia Leatherwood uses her platform to help others strip away the negativity to bring out the beauty starting with hair:

Whether your hair is weaved, permed, loc’d, braided or just in it’s natural state of kinkism, I invite you to start Loving Your Hair with Natural Care!

Let me show you how.

– Felicia

If you would like to learn more about Felicia Leatherwood and her workshops, please visit her through the following:

Check out some of Felicia Leatherwood’s portfolio below:

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  • I’m Ursula. Great article. I was a fan of Felicia’s work long before I met her. I’ve been blessed to know her because she has referred several clients to me and I’m greatful. She is not only super talented but a really cool person.

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