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Flattop haircut barbershop

It is easy to achieve a flattop haircut, barbershop style right from home. People are generally more familiar with the flattops cousin hairstyle, the crew cut. The flattop is similar to the crew cut in many ways, the difference is that with a flattop hairstyle the hair on the tops of the head is made to stand up, and is then cut in a flat style. This is what gives this hairstyle is square shape.

You would commonly find this hairstyle on boys. Girls do sometimes wear this hairstyle or different variations or it, but this is uncommon. The flattop is a popular military style haircut because it is similar to the military crew cut.

People commonly created this hairstyle with electric clippers, which cut the sides and back of the hair. Using the clippers, a stylist will cut the hair very close to the scalp; it almost looks shaved. Whoever is doing this hairstyle will have to have the ability to flatten hair on the top of the head in an even straight line. If hair is not even, it will not look good.

Hair on the top of the head has to be at least one inch long when finished. Which means hair would have to be longer than one inch to achieve the desired look.  When styling, hair, you will have to blow dry hair in a way that makes it stand up straight from the head. Wax keeps the front of the flattop stiff. Once hair is standing straight, and is dry, you can cut the flattop. Use clippers to outline the desired shape, and scissors to add final additions.

A flattop generally has one spot on the head that is shorter than the rest of the hair. This spot, called a landing strip, is essential because of the rounded shape of the human head. Shaved to achieve a flat surface, you can find this spot at the center of the head, or the spot where the head is the roundest.
This hairstyle requires maintenance every few weeks. This is because it is such a precise shape, and hair grows out very quickly. Some people’s hair grows so quickly that they find themselves needing a haircut as often as once a week.

It is a good idea to visit a stylist if you desire this hairstyle. You can obtain this hairstyle from home with very few supplies. However, it is sometimes hard to accomplish the sharp precise straight lines. Not only does the top of the hairstyle have to be extremely flat, but the sides need to be steep and straight as well. If you do not have a steady hand, you can easily destroy this hairstyle.

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