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gabrielle union hairstyles

The gabrielle union hairstyles consist mostly of long weave if she is not wearing her real hair. It’s getting a little harder to tell whether she is rocking extensions nowadays because she is one of the few black Hollywood actresses that really has long hair. Most people don’t realize that she is Haitian and has different traits from U.S. African American women. Every once in a while you can catch her with a little color in her styling and may even see a different haircut. Not sure what she will do now that Dwayne wade is in the picture. If they get married the world may see something really nice and different.

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  • I love Ms. Union, and her hair always looks great! Thanks for profiling her. But, since when did African American women have some monolithic hair texture that differed from Haitians’???? All hair of African descent comes in a variety of textures, and Gabby’s seems to fall within that range.

  • M.J., You are right, but I did not mean that because she is Haitian she has a different hair texture. I was not speaking of her Haitian background to describe her hair type, but just as information about her nationality and features. Sorry to offend you in anyway.

  • Do you know where Gabrielle Union’s purchases her Hair Weave? and also whose her stylist! I love they many different styles she wears.

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