bob hairstyles for african americans

No matter what your hair type, if you have enough patience you can mold it into any style that you want.  It isn’t your hair that should be dissuading your from trying out a new hairstyle, it is your face shape.  There are certain face shapes that look good with certain styles.  Once you know your face shape, the sky is truly the limit.  For instance, if you have a heart or oval face shape, a style that will look good on you is a bob.  Bob hairstyles came out in the twenties when female flappers wanted to show they were liberated by cutting off their hair.  Today, a bob doesn’t really symbolize female liberation anymore, but it is a flattering hairstyle that is fairly easy to care for.  There are bob hairstyle for African Americans that will look very nice no matter if your hair is natural, texturized, or relaxed.

In its broadest definition, a bob is a length that is cut just at the jaw line.  Even if you have really kinky hair you should be able to achieve a technical bob with just a pair of scissors.  However, if your hair does have a lot of curl in it, you should do something to tame it in order to get a nice looking bob and not the beginnings for an Afro.  An easy way to make a manageable bob out of natural hair is to clip your hair away from your face with bobby pins or barrettes.  This is a simple, no nonsense bob.

If your hair is texturized, that is slightly relaxed but still with a lot of curl in it, you can make some really cut bob variations by layering your hair around your face.  This will let your hair curl and frame your face, a style that is very attractive and will highlight your cheekbones.  If you scrunch a hair gel or mousse into your curls you can get more definition to your bob.

The most popular bob look is done with relaxed hair.  It is short and will curl ever so slightly at the ends.  You can even put a few finger waves in the top of your hair by your temples for a really retro look.  Keeping a bob with relaxed hair is easier, simply because there is less hair to straighten.  These are just a few bob hairstyles for African Americans.