Hair Loss Products Black Women

There are many Hair Loss Products Black Women. Unfortunately, many black women suffer from hair thinning and loss, and need products to treat their hair.  On average a healthy women should lose between fifty and one hundred hairs a day.  Any more than that and your body cannot replace them fast enough.  There are many different ways that hair loss can occur.  Sometimes it comes from simply wearing your hair too tight.  If there is stress on the roots of your hair, especially at the hairline, you can start to see a receding hairline.  You might also notice that your hair is just becoming thinner overall.  This is usually caused by hormonal changes due to aging.  There are other forms of hair loss that are due to medical conditions.  If you feel that you are losing your hair a rapid rate, check out these hair loss products for black women.

The first, and most effective, product that you can use to combat thinning hair is a topical application called minoxidil.  It is also known as Rogaine if you are looking for it in stores.  It is the only type of hair loss prevention that has been approved by the FDA.  What you need to do is apply it to your scalp once a day for a long as you want to combat your hair loss.  It is guaranteed to stop additional hair loss and may actually promote hair regrowth in some cases.  However, minoxidil only works as long as you keep on using it.  As soon as you stop your program your hair loss will continue at the rate it was before you starting the therapy.

You can also take a vitamin pills called biotin supplements.  Biotin is a compound that may be essential for growing healthy hair.  Since some hair loss can be attributed to stress and a poor diet, if you are able to boost your overall health with a vitamin supplement you might be able to see some changes in your overall hair health and thickness through a biotin supplement.  However, this method has yet to be approved by the FDA and its results vastly vary from person to person.

These are your two best bets if you are looking for hair loss products for black women.  Avoid spending a lot of money on hair therapy that hasn’t been proven to work.  There are many people out there who would like to take advantage of you.  Instead, use the proven hair loss fighting technique of minoxidil.