homemade hair care recipes for african american hair

If you have African American hair, you know that it can be hard to take care of.  It is also expensive to take care of.  You need a lot of specialized products in order to accomplish different types of styling goals.  You could easily spend hundreds of dollars in the beauty aisle if you so chose.  However, there are actually a lot of hair care products that you can make at home for just pennies on the dollar.  Here are a few homemade hair care recipes for African American hair that you can try, but homemade or not all African American hair is the same, so different hair textures mean different results.

For starters, let’s look at a pervasive problem for African Americans: dry hair and scalp.  This means that you might find yourself with the problem of dandruff.  There is a good way to get rid of dandruff right in your kitchen cupboard.  Take three tablespoons of cooking oil and one tablespoon of lime juice and mix them together.  Then rub the mixture on your scalp and leave it there for about a half an hour before you take a shower.  The acid in the lime will kill the bacteria that are creating the dandruff while the oil will moisturize your scalp.

If you want to relax your hair in a natural way you can also do that at home.  All you need is a jar of coconut milk, a little cornstarch, and some limes.  Mix up the coconut milk and lime juice until they are blended.  Then, over low heat, start to whisk in the cornstarch until the mixture resembles that of conditioner that you might buy at the beauty store.  Apply the homemade relaxer to your hair, making sure to work through all the strands.  Then secure your hair under a plastic shower cap and leave it there for about an hour.  Shower and when you are done you will see that you hair is slightly more relaxed than it was before the treatment.  You can use this method about once every two weeks; every time you do it you will get more pronounced results.

You can even lighten your hair from your kitchen.  Take a large mug of hot water and let two tea bags of chamomile tea steep in it for two hours.  Take your shower and blot your hair.  Then pour the tea on your hair and leave it there.  You can do this every time you take a shower to naturally lighten your hair.  These are just a few homemade hair care recipes for African American hair.