hair straighteners for black women

Looking for good hair straighteners for black women is not hard. A lot of black women these days are straightening their hair with straighteners such as flat irons.  They might be doing it for fashion reasons or they might be doing it because straight hair is slightly easier to manage that natural hair.  Whatever their reason, and yours as well, you have a number of options for hair straightening.  There are chemical straighteners on the market that will leave you with straight, but dry, hair permanently.  If you use these you will have to let your hair messily grow back out before you can think about doing anything else with it.  There is no way to undo chemical straighteners.  That is why we recommend using heat to straighten your hair.  Even then there are many hair straighteners for black women on the market.

The advancements in hair straightening have come a long way since your mother’s day.  At one point in time women were actually ironing their hair on the ironing board to get it straight.  However, with an overzealous touch or just a little bit too much heat you could literally burn off your hair.  There was really no way to straighten it without damage.  Today, however, it is a different story.

As you shop for your hair straightener, you are looking for a flat iron.  This is essentially two plates that press your hair and straighten it with heat.  Look for flat irons that have ceramic plates.  These plates are slightly moister than metal plates.  You can keep your hair healthier as well as reduce the risk of burning your hair.  You should also only buy a flat iron that has an adjustable temperature knob.  Eventually you will know the right setting for your hair; it isn’t always to hottest one.

There are now some studies that show that the addition of tourmaline, if you straightener has this naturally occurring alloy on it, it might be able to keep your hair stronger.  This is because tourmaline is negatively charged.  When it comes in contact with your hair its extra negative ions jump from the alloy to your hair.  Some people believe that these additional ions will help to strength your hair and reduce the damage done by straightening.

While it takes at least ten minutes to straighten your hair with a flat iron, it is still the best of the hair straighteners for black women.  It gives you ultimate control over the health and style of your hair.