Texturizing african american hair

Do you want your hair to be more manageable and softer?  Don’t most people?  It is part of the grass is greener syndrome, the idea that someone else’s hair must be better than your own.  It may have even led you to make some regrettable hair choices in the past.  For instance, you might have gone and completely relaxed your hair.  Then, in just a few weeks when the curly part started to grow in you didn’t know what to do.  That is why texturizing African American hair is so popular.  It is a great medium between ultra-curly hair and just curly enough hair.

Texturing hair is a chemical treatment that can damage your hair.  If your hair is already dry and damaged, you should stay away from this option as it can exacerbate problems that you are already experiencing.  However, texurizing is much milder than straightening.  What it is does is slightly relax the curl in your hair.  Instead of a lot of tight curls you will get loose curls instead.  Your hair will also be softer to the touch.  As your hair starts to grow out it will not show a demarcation line between treated and untreated hair.  This means that you only need to texturize your hair once every three or four months.

You can texturize your hair at home or in a salon.  If this is your first time texturizing, make sure that you go to a salon.  That way you can see how your hair reacts to the texturizing, rather than wonder if you messed up somewhere in the process.  Just make sure that the stylist knows you want to texturize and not relax your hair.  Once you know what your hair should look like, you can do texturizing at home.  You buy a kit at a hair supply store and follow the instructions on the box.  Usually this means applying a chemical to your hair and then letting it sit for some time.  Every kit is different.  If at all possible, look for a No-Lye kit.  Lye is a very caustic substance that can damage your hair permanently.  Avoid it when you can.

Texturizing African American hair is a fun way to change up your style and make your hair more manageable without feeling as though you are walking the proverbial fashion plank.  It gives you subtle results that are flattering on nearly every face type.