Urban Black Hair Styles

Today, Urban Black Hair Styles can range from a variety of styles. The urban culture is taking over black hair and fashion. One of the best thing about having textured black hair is that there are so many things that you can do with your hair, regardless of its length.  With fine or thin hair, it is very difficult to give it body and one can spend way too much time and product working to achieve the volume that you have naturally with textured hair.  Because your hair has so much texture you can achieve an almost limitless amount of styling options with it.  That is why there are so many urban black hairstyles out there.

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First of all, let us explore just what exactly composes an urban hairstyle.  Technically speaking, an urban hairstyle is a hairstyle that is worn by anyone living in an urban environment such as Atlanta or New York City.  However, that doesn’t mean that the old lady cotton ball style is automatically an urban trend just because she’s on Broadway.  Instead, for something to be classified as an urban style, it needs to be a trendy hairstyle that has been displayed by some prominent members of the hip hop and rap community.  This applies for styles for both men and women.  Generally if you’ve seen it in a music video it counts as an urban hairstyle.

Urban hairstyles can range from conservative to outlandish.  For instance, if you are looking at men’s urban hairstyles, there is currently a trend of carving pictures and words into the side and back of one’s head.  This is done with a precision razor and is an outlandish and vanity style because it required almost daily trips to the salon to keep the picture clear.  On the other hand, another popular men’s urban style that is more in the mainstream are short dreadlocks, such as though sported by Jamie Foxx.  This hairstyle is much easier to maintain, is still hip, but is also conservative enough to wear to work.

Women’s urban hairstyles also run the gambit.  A lot of urban styles are focused on braids or dreadlocks because these styles are easy to maintain.  You will also find hair that has been chemically straightened and hair that has been left natural.  Actually one of the biggest trends in women’s urban hairstyles these days has been a variation on the natural look.  It’s not the giant Afro of the seventies, but a more subdued natural look.  There are many urban black hairstyles from which you can choose.