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How do i bleach my dyed black hair

How do I bleach my dyed black hair? This is a complicated question to answer because it is tricky to bleach dark hair and get a desired look. You cannot visit your local department store and buy blonde hair dye. Your hair will most likely come out a very weird orange color. This is the best way to get real blonde color in your black hair.

The first step is gathering your tools. You will want to buy hair bleach and peroxide, there are many different concentrations for peroxide, and forty percent is the best one to use. Forty percent is strong enough without being too strong. If you go any further then you will most likely damage your hair, any less then forty and you will not get the results you want.

The other part of this mixture will be the bleach. You can find this is almost any hair salon store. It is a good idea to get the same brand for both, and sometimes you can find them together in the same package. This may be a little more expensive but worth it since many products are made to work with each other. You will most likely spend close to five dollars on both things, which is still cheaper then buying hair dye.

When working with bleach you will want to work with plastic tools. Never use metal tools when working with bleach. In addition to the peroxide and bleach you will need a plastic applicator brush and a pair of plastic gloves to protect your hands.

You will want to wear old clothes or clothes you do not mind ruining. It can become messy when working with any type of hair dye, so this is always a good idea no matter what products you are working with.

Part your hair in several sections and apply the mixture to each one from the roots to the ends. You should have a friend help you so that you can get all parts of the hair. Nothing ruins a new blonde style, then chunks of dark hair in the back. If you cannot have a friend help you, you will want a mirror close by. Holding a hand mirror in front of you while your back is turned to another bigger mirror will give you a nice look of the back of your head.

Do not leave the bleach in your hair any longer then you need to. Wipe a section of hair off periodically to see how the color is coming along. Once you have reached a desired color wash hair immediately. If you leave the bleach in your hair to long you run the risk of burning your hair while will cause hair to break easily.

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  • Can you please tell me the colour of the ladies hair in the picture up the top please? I really like it but i dont know the name of it.

  • I love this website, ive only just come across this website and where i live there isnt much black hair care products!
    Id like to dye my hair blonde but im worried my hair will fall out, any advice. Also my hairdresser is not impressed with my desire to get blonde hair, but its my hair i should do what i want with it.. Saying that i dont want to have no hair at the end.

  • I would advise a couple of weeks before doing such a drastic process that the hair experience some protein packing or treatments. This will help build up the hair follicles. Any chemical services that may have occurred prior to bleaching make the hair follicle week. You want the hair follicle to be as strong as it possibly can. I would also say to repeat this process after the bleaching and color application. You want to keep hair as healthy as you can. Deep conditioning is also a good follow up as well. African Americans hair is naturally “thirsty”, and the chemicals, weather conditions, the environment also contribute to this. Keep your hair from being “thirsty”!!!!

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