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The famous pompadour janelle monae hairstyle is chic and and inspiring. As an artist and entertainer, Janelle Monae is very unique and she displays this creative style with her hairstyle and fashion choices. Although, Janelle says she did not always wear her hair natural, she definity is rocking it with confidence and style:

I love it when people wear their hair naturally, and you have such a cool hairstyle. Have you always worn your hair natural?
No, actually. My mother put relaxer on it in fifth or sixth grade. When I moved to New York, that’s when I started to grow it out.

Source: Bellasugar.com

I like the fact that she came out with her own signature look that flows with her signature sound in her music. Even though she knows she is not the inventer of the pompadour coiffure, Janelle does not see the retro style as a trend for herself, but a personal defining style:

You’ve been wearing the pompadour hairstyle for a while now. But at the moment, it’s actually becoming a huge trend, especially on male runway models and people like Mark Ronson. What do you think of that?

Well, it’s called the “Monae” and it’s a lifestyle thing. I’m not just doing it because it’s a trend. It’s like my superhero uniform. When I’m working and performing and even in my off time, this is how I like to wear my hair. It’s just transcendent. You can wear it anytime and it works. It’s like a retro-futuristic feel. I’ve seen people trying to wear it, and that’s fine. I just know it’s a trend for some people. I like Mark Ronson, he’s a supporter of mine. People mean well and I didn’t invent the pompadour, but only one person can wear this particular hairstyle and that’s Janelle Monae.

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  • I’ve actually got a theory about her pompadour–could it be possible that, rather than using her own hair and flipping it around in the front, she uses natural hair extensions for more volume?

    (Of course, this could just be me being jealous that I can’t pull off the same look so effortlessly, but it’s just a thought I have).

    This woman is AMAZING!

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