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This beautiful stylist and salon owner Kiela Fenn-Hatcher uploaded these pictures in our Thirsty Roots Community. That’s all we needed to see of her to investigate more. She is the CEO & Founder of her salon in Chesapeake, Virginia which thrives.

Kiela-Hatcher-Virginia-SalonHere is her story…

Kiela Hatcher relocated from New York to Virginia in 2000 with a vivid dream of one day owning her own salon. Keeping God first, she understood the dream that God had for her was far greater than the dream she had for herself and out of that Salon Appearance was born.

Kiela Hatcher has over 20 years of experience as a MASTER HAIR STYLIST and INSTRUCTOR. She is licensed in New York and Virginia. She believes that everyone has a calling and a purpose and she loves what she has been called to do. “Skilled is what I am, faith is what I have” is the mantra she lives by. Kiela’s faith, conviction and belief has brought Salon Appearance to fruition.


Telephone: (757) 351-1775  //

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