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There is a question about kyla pratt hair in these photos, if its all hers or extensions. Kyla Pratt is on the cover of Tight Rope Magazine wearing her hair very long, much different from the length that we are used to seeing on her. I think it is very mature and gives her the young adult look that she needs to get away from the kiddy films and tv shows. She is a young, beautiful, and talented lady and I think she will go far as an actress. Here’s a few words she had to say about her hair to YoungBlackStarz.org:

KW: Which show do you like doing more, “One on One” or “The Proud Family”?

KP: I don’t know. I like both. With “One on One,” you’re there all week with everybody. But I think I like “The Proud Family” better because you don’t have to get any make-up, you don’t have to get your hair done, you just go in and do it. I can’t stand having people tugging on my hair and doing my make-up, though “One-on-One” is so much fun that I don’t really mind.

KW: How much time do you spend in make-up before a show?

KP: Usually make-up and hair take one hour together.

Source: YoungBlackStarz.org

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