Flat Twist Braids

micro flat twists

Have you ever seen these amazing micro flat twists styles? I do not know how the stylist are able to braid this micro in size, but it is true art. These two strand flat twists braided up into a cute side swept bun, really shows how beautiful natural hair can be styled. The only thing I worry about is how difficult is it to take out these tiny twists.

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  • Who is the hair artist that designed this style? Can kinky twist hair be added to get it because I would love it. My hair is natural, but short; however, I would love to add hair just for the length to get this one. How and where can I find you??

  • @ Niecy: Hi Niecy, I just came across these beautiful pictures of the flat twist, and saw your question. The answer is yes, kinky twist can be added on to the flat twist, however, stylist has to be skillfull in adding it from either starting from a braid then transition into a twist, or attached by twisting.

    The Kinky Twist is mostly required if the hair is too short. Extending the twist with the kinky hair extension will definitely create the flexibility to style with length and voloume.

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