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Monica the Singer Hairstyles

Monica the Singer hairstyles have always been classy and when she rocks the short haircut she leads the diva department for that time frame. Her slim body line has always brought about sex appeal especially when she wears a pair of leather pants. Monica has played around with some color experimenting with dirty blonde but that jet black hair is pretty awesome on her. Weaves and extensions are okay on Monica but I prefer seeing that short look. We have seen her around Atlanta pregnant before and she stills looks incredible. You will ask your self about her height though because she is not all that short like singer Chilli. Monica is an edgy chick with amazing talent and when you see her out and about with her kids you can tell she loves them. I hope her marriage to Shannon last forever like the tattoos she has on her arm. Can’t wait to see the haircut she chooses in the year 2012.

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  • Monica hair I heard is natural. I wanted to know what products she has used to get it straight and keep it up.

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