motions hair lotion for waves

Using motions hair lotion for waves just might be beneficial. Black men look very sexy with waves and a clean haircut. Adding Motions Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion to your hair, will give your waves much sheen and shine.

Your hair will look and be healthy due to the fact that this lotion provides that need softness and moisture to your hair. Below is some informative styling tips from

Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion

Get smooth, silky, sexy hair with Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion.

How This Technology Works
  • Five-vitamin blend helps repair damage to hair cuticle caused by over-processing and heat styling.
  • Shea butter nourishes and adds intense shine.
  • Panthenol and keratin help protect hair against breakage and over-drying.
Why This Formula Is Better
  • Rehydrates, softens and repairs dry, damaged hair.
  • If pump stops spraying, rinse pump head under warm water to release clog.
How To Get The Most From This Product
  • Shake well before use.
  • Pour a small to ample amount of Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion into hand, rub hands together and massage into hair and scalp.
  • Style as desired.

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  • Now that’s what I need. Was looking for something that would enhance the shine in my hair without a lot of build up.

    Thanx for the post.

  • thanks for the info! I usually use blue magic hair grease now i see this post i am going to the beauty store first thing friday morning! Shout out to Roots barbershop cause thats where I go!

  • Yea Motions is the truth. Way better than pink lotion. Thats all I use, no pomades, or grease. Just Motions. No buildup, use it twice a day.

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