Natural Hair

Natural black hair is beautiful and full of tight curls. Even though the texture may differ from person to person, the nature of black hair is coiled and curly. To help determine your natural texture, there is a hair type system that was created by Andre Walker, famous celebrity hairstylist and Oprah’s personal stylist. You can style natural hair with many options from twist to an Afro. The key to maintaining textured hair, is to keep it moisturized, because our “thirsty roots”, live for moisture.

The history of black natural hair has a negative outlook. The term “nappy” was created to mean “bad hair” and that’s what stuck in our heads for generations. For years black women and men have been straightening (perming, relaxing) their “thirsty roots”, trying to fit in to the standards and views of others.

Its time to take back our hair and realize its natural beauty. So if you choose to wear your natural texture or not, lets all embrace black natural beauty. Its not ugly, its not “nappy”, its “thirsty roots”, its “good hair”, its beautiful. Lets not be defined by others, but define our own beauty.