best hair color for natural african american hair

You know that your hair is already gorgeous.  Now you just need to give it a few tweaks here and there to put it over the top.  What is really important is achieving the look you want without sacrificing the natural beauty of your hair.  That is why finding a hair color product that works on your hair without damaging it or drying it out can be a challenge.  There are options out there, however.  You just need to do a little research to learn about the best hair color for natural African American hair.

Textured African American hair is naturally dry and brittle.  It is therefore important not to weigh it down with too many chemicals.  This can cause your hair to break and look frizzy.  It also means that it will not respond to styling.  While putting beautiful color in your hair is great, it is even better to have naturally beautiful hair to begin with.  Therefore, when you set out to choose a hair color, you should stay away from ones that use a lot of ammonia and peroxide to color your hair.

The best choice for bringing some color into your hair is a gentle rinse.  This is a semi-permanent coloring option.  The rinse will coat your hair shaft, but it will not penetrate into the shaft.  This means that after ten or twelve washes the color will fade back to your original look.  However, since rinses are easy on your hair and easy to apply at home, this shouldn’t be a problem.  You can easily add a splash of color to your hair once a month by using a rinse.

Another natural choice for hair coloring is using henna.  Henna comes from a plant and in completely natural.  It has been applied on hair for centuries.  It will not dry out your hair and lasts longer than chemical based rinses.  Henna usually comes in three color choices: black, clay red, and indigo.  This type of dye will last for a couple of months and again, is easy to apply at home.

The one thing that you want to avoid when you set out to dye your hair is to dye it lighter than your natural shade range.  This means you would have to use bleach, a product that really damages your hair.  Frankly speaking, the best hair color for natural African American hair is the beautiful color that you were born with.