Black Natural Hair Styles tutorials

If you have been on the fence about going natural with your hairstyle, you should consider the fact that there are actually some very easy natural hairstyles that you would want to wear out of the house.  You might have thought that natural hairstyles can take an hour or more to achieve, but this isn’t the case.  You really only need twenty minutes or less, and that is from stepping out of the shower until you are ready to head out of the door.  Most of these styles can even be kept for about a week if you wear a scarf to bed.  Take a look at some of these black natural hairstyles tutorials and you will see just how easy going natural can be.

One of the easiest black natural hairstyles is braids.  You may think that anything larger than a micro braid is only for school girls, but think again.  If you put in about four or five braids on each side of your head for a total of eight to ten braids that should only take about ten minutes.  Then take the front most braids and start to twist them together.  Keep adding the rear braids to the twist until you have a full ponytail of braids at the back of your head.  Secure them with a hair holder and you are good to go for a casual day out.

Maybe you want to look a little fancier, but still don’t want to take a lot of time with your hair.  You can grab a handful of bobby pins and your finger and put a lot of bantu knots in your hair.  Do this by twisting a section of hair and then letting it double up on itself.  When it has doubled two or three times, tie it in a knot and hold it in place with a single bobby pin.  If you opt for large knots this should only take about fifteen minutes.  You can also use bobby pins to achieve a sleek up do.  Gel your hair back into a ponytail.  Then finger comb some gel into the lose end of the ponytail using bobby pins to secure it in place, roll your hair in on itself until you create a bun that is out of the way.

These are just some short black natural hairstyles tutorials.  There are also many video tutorials that can be found on internet video sharing sites.  You can also get hairstyle tutorial texts in fashion magazines or at your salon.