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rihanna big hair: still “red”

In Hollywood spotted leaving Las Palmas nightclub, Rihanna big hair was bright and very eye-catching. Still vibrant red, Rihanna’s hair is now styled in a kinky curly crimped wig. I guess she is exploring the natural hair texture. Well, I like the big hair, but the color is not my cup of tea. It works for her rock star appeal, though.

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  • @Ryan – You are not alone, I love big hair, too. The color is too bright for me personally, but it looks good on Rihanna. I like your blog! Embracing big hair is not common…love what you are doing.

  • @Ryan — Like ThirstyRoots says, you are not alone. I like big natural hair too…it’s the best grade of hair on the planet and we’re blessed to have it.

    My only problem is the color…

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