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rihanna red hair

Debuting a new hairstyle, rihanna red hair in a bob shaved buzz haircut is very bold and edgy. When it comes to hair, Rihanna is a leader in hot trends, and here on stage during Rock in Rio Madrid Festival she displays another funky haircut. Some like this new look some people don’t. What do you think, HOT or NOT?

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  • I think Rhianna is expressing herself with her new hairstyle and color however I keep wondering who is she these days?

  • I love the cut but not feeling the color for some reason…Although Rhianna is a trendsetter not many people are feeling this color on her.

  • She look sooooooooooooooooo cute i love her hair cut and her style. you peole are so rud she is a good girl . this is how she make money live her alone go riri do your thing and don’t let anyone stop you

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