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short black natural hair styles

Believe it or not there once was a time when short black natural hair styles were not even close to acceptable by men or women in the United States.

I specify the U.S. because in Africa and some other countries it has never been a problem.

Up until maybe 5 years ago from today’s date which is November 2010 was wearing a short natural hairstyle passable as a black women.

Hollywood and Corporate America was just not having it and to be honest many black men were shying away from women who chose to rock it too.

Now you can see black celebrities shopping it all off and strutting their stuff. Of course events like the World Natural Hair Show also make the styling more popular and acceptable amongst the mainstream.

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Our goal is to share the beauty of Afro-textured hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.


  • girl in my country (Guyana) people are very foolish when it comes to natural hair

    …one time in my office on of my colleagues said that she would start bringing relaxer and drop it bit y bit in my hair
    ….i struggle everyday because men and women view it as very ugly and they put u at the bottom of the list in every situation
    …but i LOVE my hair and i think i gives me power when i walk into the room. people (although they dont) want to see me as soon as i enter

  • I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I am of mixed race, African and Indian so my hair is like a 4c. I got married a month ago and the months leading up to the wedding I was bombarded with questions on what I was going to do with my hair. Well, I had it low about 1 inch and a bit, washed it, put product and gel to hold the curls for the day and my hair looked beautiful! I still get looks and questions but I love my hair!

  • I would love to see your hair. Do you have any wedding photos? I could post it on the site.

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