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Solange Knowles afro blow out

Natural hair definitely grows, look at Solange Knowles afro blow out. From “The Big Chop” twa (Teeny Weeny Afro) to big blown out natural hair, Solange Knowles hair has grown beautifully. Below is a then and now timeline spread so you can see Solange Knowles natural hair progression in almost a two year span.

Check out her look HERE

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  • I don’t normally comment on post like this, but I believe that the most recent style is a weave/wig or dragon as she calls them.. either way I love her style I am going to get one just like this

  • I’m ready to grow my hair naturally, but I still haven’t found the perfect hair product that’ll strengthen my hair. Can anyone help?

  • Hair is hair. There is no such thing as bad hair. Every women wants healthy hair and rather you get there natural or relaxed the important issue that is after centuries inspite of cheap corp we are rediscoverering the wisdom that our ancestors took with them of the nature of the beauty of our hair. I cant wait to see where this silent revolution takes the descendents of the slaves who backs this mation is built on

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