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Solange Knowles natural hair 2011

Here are some more pics of Solange Knowles natural hair 2011 curly afro. Some people think Solange is wearing weave and her natural hair has not grown this long in about 2 years. I think its more than possible that her hair grew out to this length. Natural hair is the healthiest way to wear your hair so it can grow very fast when properly managed and maintenance.

Comparing the picture of Solange  at the Range Rover Evoque in New York and 1 month later at the grand opening of a restaurant in New York, what do you think? The pic at the Range Rover Evoque (see it HERE) does look like it could be a weave. Whatever it is, I love it. That’s why I love our thirsty roots, it’s so versatile, in any texture relaxed or natural.

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  • I wouldn’t say that her hair can’t look like that, but how does it work when latest photo shows the date as July 15, 2011 when today is only June 17, 2011. That is what is FISHY.

  • Lol! Oh sorry, I put July instead of June…It was late when I did it. Thanks jjac401 for pointing that out. I will fix that. 🙂

  • I love it either way. I would love to get a fro’y weave. I could see it being hers because i am at 2 years and mine is about that size and i have had a bad cut where i had to cut a couple of inches off. One could be a simple streach, twist or braid out, the other could be blow out. just my opinion.

  • Yeah you are so right it could be stretched, any how I like it either way also.

  • No, that is not her hair, but Who Cares! People can be so critical. Damned if you do, damned if ya don’t. Rocking natural hair is a huge undertaking even for celebrities. We “black women” are just learning how to really take care of our hair and grow it. From the time we are toddlers we have had someone pulling and tugging and insulting our natural hair to the point that we are really just getting to know it. There is a huge learning curve involved. Whether is straightened or natural, black women love versatility and creativity. So, so what if its real or not? Some celeb just end up going back to straight hair all together. Would you guys prefer she did that instead?

  • I love the look on her, it really doesn’t matter if it’s real or not she look’s fabulous! I am going into my 3 month the second time around, and our hair grows pretty fast when it is natural… Go Head girl rock that fro!!!

  • I love it either way also. However, i need some serious help with mine. My natural hair is very, very, course (kinky). I have just been braiding it, but need some suggestions on how to wear it out and how to keep it soft when it is left open.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Doesn’t matter. If you have to ask then she doing a hellava job matching up weave. Which is how it’s suppose to be. We all know the trick is finding what looks good on you….and I spend alot of time searching for that perfect hair for when I don’t want to do my own or want a protective style or simply want to enhance my own. It looks great on her.

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